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profile your customers with data you always dreamed of
enrich your customer profiles with online information about them

Get to know your customers

Companies have a limited view of leads, prospects and customers
Deep customer analysis is impossible since companies lack the right data

Features 01

CRM is not enough

Companies have only basic and consumption data about their customers

Features 02

Customers are persons

Each lead, prospect and customer has its own job, education, interests, habits, ...

Features 03

Who are these customers?

Deeply knowing people helps sales, marketing, fraud prevention, and much more

big profiles enriches people data mining the Web

How it works

1: Basic data as input

Load basic data about customers or prospects, like biographical data from a local DB or CRM

2: Customer Profiling

BigProfiles produces a profile of each person with new information mined from the Web. It applies the Identity Resolution algorithm to distinguish homonyms

3: Customer Base Analytics

BigProfiles provides clean and standardised profiles, to let you analyze and segment your Customer or Prospect Base

4: Behavioural Prediction

BigProfiles exploits Artifical Intelligence techniques to associate predictive indices to each person

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